Workshop: Social Movements and Pedagogy

The experiment of school cooperative

The workshop begins with Delphine Pinson’s film: “Learning is sacred” In the first steps of a Freinet’s class (2014).  Then a brainstorming shall be conducted for the relations of classroom- playground -community, differentiated pedagogy, school architecture, correspondance, class assembly, school garden, the “what’s new?”, film strips, library, working plan and other techniques of Freinet. The central idea is school cooperative and collaborative classroom. The workshop discusses the school actions, like social economy or printing (small books, school newspapers, library, no more reading textbooks, posters, announcement board, wall newspaper, free expression, theater- news paper) and their relation to the cooperative. School cooperative is based on children’s rights (articles 12-17), the creation of teams, school garden, production within the public sphere… and the politics of childhood. Economy for school is a taboo, like so many others (politics, sexual life, public space, animals in school). The target is the correlation of social economy, the  cooperative, the public school and Freinet’s techniques together with the prominence of the school of the community.