The goal of our meeting

The Solidarity Schools in Greece are selforganised educational structures that have been formed on the basis of covering society’s needs and resisting to the acute inequalities in the country, especially in the last decade.

They function in the frame of free social spaces or as parts of broader solidarity networks or as autonomous learning communities.

From Athens and Piraeus to Thessaloniki and Xanthi, the Solidarity Schools make up a very diverse network of learning communities, that puts forward democracy, social empowerment and collectivity opposite to individualism and inertia.

Our goal is to enrich the public character of education, to stand against every segment of private practice that perceives the educational process as a buissnes or merchandise, in total to oppose to the logic that limits the equal access to learning for every member of our society. We broaden educational needs according to the modern data of our era and we question the aggregative conception of education that is being imposed either from the state or the markets.

We seek to delve further our democratic way of operating, as much on the content sector of education and educational methods as on the one of decision making through the equal participation of every member. In total, we attempt to deconstruct the teacher-centered way of understanding education and learning and to construct the visionary frame of decentralized, autonomous and non-hierarchical educational societies.

With this meeting we are aiming to come together with movements, structures and people from Greece and abroad wishing to cultivate a cohesive visionary frame for our role, to better describe our goals, to highlight and empower «good» practices on the educational spectrum, to broaden the context of subjects that interest us. To defend education as a common commodity, to continue to arrogate through creating!